Welcome to FNQ Precast Concrete Solutions

Welcome to FNQ Precast Concrete Solutions. We are a small family-owned business who specializes in manufacturing high quality precast concrete products.
We offer a range of impressive precast products, and our aim is to provide our customers with an array of options which is continually growing.

An idea was established by Peter De Lai in 2013 (locally well-known builder with 35+ years’ experience), as he foresaw the need for quality precast concrete and an opportunity to supply the public with high grade concrete products. Brendon Scrivener had been a regular consumer of FNQ Precast, taking interest in the unique segment of the building industry. This newfound interest led to Brendon and his partner Andrea taking over the business in early 2024.

Brendon has been a plumber for 30 years, running his own business for 15 of them, delivering his services to a high standard. Having similar experience in the building industry as Peter, his goal is to continue to deliver high quality products which meet customer satisfaction.

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